SilverPro products

Hygiene, safety and comfort embedded into silver fibre

What makes our products unique?

SilverPro’s unique bedding products are made with the beneficial protective properties of 3% silver fibre engineered into a comfortable, breathable cotton fabric through X-Static technology. All our products offer antimicrobial, anti-odour and anti-static properties and have recently been found to be effective against viruses. The silver fibre gives all our bed linens a natural dove-grey colour that blends seamlessly with any calming, neutral decor for a soothing night’s sleep.

Our thermo-regulating duvets are filled with 100% hypoallergenic and animal-free hollow fibre polyester. This light, moisture-resistant fibre dries quickly and offers excellent insulating properties to maintain an even body temperature. Our duvets are designed to allow two people with different heat requirements to sleep side by side with the same comfort.
SilverPro yarn with x-static technology
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