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Your SilverPro sleep quality specialists in Switzerland

We are Ingenio Solutions, the exclusive Swiss distributors of SilverPro bed linens, Made in Italy.

SilverPro specialises in innovative solutions to improve sleep quality for better overall health and well-being. Strong evidence demonstrates that the antiviral and antimicrobial properties of our pure silver bed linens promote optimal sleeping conditions, free from germs, unpleasant odours and temperature fluctuations.

All SilverPro bed linens and duvets are made with the highest quality materials to deliver life-changing product performance. Our bed linen products are made with an exclusive fabric of pure silver X-Static metallized fibre permanently bonded to the cotton textile.

Recent events in the healthcare sphere have educated consumers everywhere on fabric hygiene. Today, people are demanding products that offer another layer of protection. Our commitment is to develop innovative products that respond to this increasing demand for personal protection and to improve your quality of sleep for better well-being.

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